Last Friday, actress Li Bing Bing graced the red carpet premiere of Resident Evil: Retribution at Sunway Pyramid where she met up with her adoring fans. In the film, Li plays the role of secret agent Ada Wong, a popular videogame character from the Resident Evil franchise.

This isn't the first time the Chinese actress has stepped foot on Malaysia's red carpet. Back in 2004, she dropped by alongside Michelle Yeoh to promote Silver Hawk. During the press conference, the 39-year-old said she was happy with taking on the character despite almost not making it into the film:

"I'm pretty satisfied with my portrayal of the character Ada Wong. I just wish that there were more fighting scenes for me in the film, but unfortunately, the production schedule would not allow it,"

"When they called me to tell me that I managed to obtain the role, I was filming for a movie in China at the time. The production schedules for both films were clashing, so it didn't look like it was possible for me to star in "Resident Evil: Retribution" and I was disappointed. However, the producers and Paul [W. S. Anderson] really wanted me to be in it, and after a lot of discussions, emails and phone calls, they decided to accommodate my acting schedules. I'm really grateful to them for that."