Don't get us wrong, we love director Tim Burton. But have you've ever noticed how he tends to use the same handful of characters, plot devices, and even facial expressions over and over again? 

Check out this round up of the top 10 things that almost always show up when watching a Tim Burton movie:

The Pudgy Weasel
Never trust a smiling face with a bit of weight in a Burton movie.
  • Otho - Beetlejuice
  • Beadle - Sweeney Todd
  • Limbo - Planet of the Apes
  • Tweedledee / Tweedledum - Alice in Wonderland
  • Augustus Gloop - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • Francis Buxton - Pee Wee's Big Adventure
  • Finis Everglot - The Corpse Bride
  • The Penguin - Batman Returns

The Flashback
What better way to explain your character's pain, than with a flashback!
  • Emily sings about her nasty death - The Corpse Bride
  • Ichabod Crane dreams of his busty mother's death - Sleepy Hollow
  • Willy Wonka has hilarious flashbacks to his sad candy-free past - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • The entire movie Big Fish is one flashback after the other
  • Sweeney Todd remembers his flaxen-haired family before they were taken away from him - Sweeney Todd
  • Bruce Wayne dreams of his parents - Batman
  • Alice remembers her Wonderland past and the Hatter his Wonderland war - Alice in Wonderland

The Same Actors
Burton loves to dip from the same well all the time. While some actors (Winona Ryder) have appeared in two or three Burton movies, these guys pop up over, and over again.
  • Johnny Depp
  • Helena Bonham-Carter
  • Christopher Lee
  • Jeffrey Jones

The Monster
The thing that goes bump in the night. Hardly ever the main character or real menace, these monsters are built to threaten, propel or set boundaries for Burton's cast. But each one is pretty spectacular.
  • Oogie Boogie - The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • The Headless Horseman - Sleepy Hollow
  • Sand Worm - Beetlejuice
  • Jabberwocky - Alice In Wonderland

The Impossibly Kind Parent Figure

Someone needs a hug! The Burton world is stuffed with insanely wonderful parent figures. That's not to say all the other parents are bad, but for each absentee father or neurotic artist, there's usually one elderly character ready to pick up the pieces and tuck you into a soft waterbed.
  • The Inventor - Edward Scissorhands
  • Peg/Bill - Edward Scissorhands
  • Barbara/Adam - Beetlejuice
  • Karubi - Planet of the Apes
  • Alfred - Batman/ Batman Returns
  • Elder Gutknecht - Corpse Bride
  • Grandpa Joe (really the whole Bucket family) - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The Witch
Whether misunderstood or just no good, Burton loves to throw in a sassy witch to stir the pot. Each one of these ladies is an intimidating creature on their own. With great powers that they use to get what they want.
  • Angelique Bouchard - Dark Shadows
  • Lady Van Tassel - Sleepy Hollow
  • The Witch - Big Fish
  • Mrs. Lovett - Sweeney Todd
  • The Red Queen - Alice in Wonderland
  • Catwoman - Batman Returns

Nightmare Face
Horrific, bug-eyed scare jumps that make the audience jump out of their chairs. You never actually get to see Michael Keaton's "nightmare face" in Beetlejuice, but there are plenty more to pick from in that movie.
  • Large Marge - Pee Wee's Big Adventure
  • Max Shreck's Kiss with Catwoman - Batman Returns
  • The bug-eyed witch in the woods - Sleepy Hollow
  • Barbara rips off her face! - Beetlejuice
  • The horrific Smilex transformation in Batman, which is also the name of the toothpaste company Charlie's father works for in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

The Punky Rebellious Young Lady
The misunderstood ladies trapped in a world of their own. These rebels are often the voice of reason in Burton's mad, mad world.
  • Lydia Deetz - Beetlejuice
  • Ari - Planet of the Apes
  • Carolyn Stoddard - Dark Shadows
  • Alice - Alice in Wonderland
  • Sally - The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Emily - Corpse Bride

The Blonde Ingenue
The other side of the lady coin in Burton's world. This director's obsession with the innocent, blonde ingenue is so strong he's be-wigged countless brunettes to get that perfect bleached from all sins look. In fact Dark Shadows might be the first Burton movie where the innocent love interest isn't blonde (Corpse Bride doesn't count, since Victoria's hair was some sort of light grey).
  • Sandra Bloom - Big Fish
  • Katrina Van Tassel - Sleepy Hollow
  • Kim - Edward Scissorhands
  • Johanna - Sweeney Todd
  • Vicki Vale - Batman
  • Daena - Planet of the Apes
  • The White Queen - Alice In Wonderland

The Skittish Outcast

Burton has built his entire career on the twitchy outcast.
  • Edward Scissorhands - Edward Scissorhands
  • Beetlejuice & Lydia - Beetlejuice
  • Pee Wee - Pee Wee's Big Adventure
  • Mad Hatter - Alice in Wonderland
  • Ichabod Crane - Sleepy Hollow
  • Willy Wonka - Charlie and the Chocolate
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