All this throat slitting business has no place on television, but not wtih Heroes. With declining ratings, one quick way to get back up is to introduce a little piece of drama and violence. And where's this all coming from? Apparently the Dark Knight has some heavy influence on the new kind of direction we're seeing.

Over at his blog, show producer Greg Beeman talked about the Nolan influence that you might have missed in this week's episode:

The guys at Optic Nerve created a really cool appliance for Zach Quinto for the moment when Jack Coleman slits his throat. We shot film of Jack really cutting this appliance which gushed blood. It was freaky. But in post-production we found it more powerful to have Jack do the slice off-stage in a close up and then cut wide for the aftermath as Zach started to bleed out. I had recently seen THE DARK KNIGHT just before we started post-producing this episode and I was struck by how they never showed any violence as an on-camera event – everything was implied, and yet actually felt more violent. That might have influenced the decision to edit this scene this way.

Honestly I didn't think Sylar / Gabriel would have gotten cut in the throat. Nor did I think I would be watching the latest episode. I suppose its the utter curiosity I'm feeding to see how bad it can get. But hey, not too bad.