Looks like someone is finally taking care of the Magneto movie. IndieLondon caught up with Lauren Shuler Donner, big wig X-Men producer and one of the minds behind Constantine 2, Donner is eager to get cracking on the X-Men Origins: Magneto story.

All Donner will say about the Wolverine origins flick is that it's very much "in the tone of the first X-Men." As for Magneto, Donner said:

We have a great script on Magneto. I’ll tell you the honest truth… I’ve made four movie this year and I was so busy that I didn’t at all talk to the studio while making Magneto because I couldn’t have done it. And David Goyer, who wrote and is going to direct it, also did another movie. So now, he’s done with his and I’m done with two of mine, so when I get back that’s my first order of business to say: “Come on, let’s go and make Magneto.

So let's just hope Wolverine is as good as how my bones tell me it probably would be. Because if that doesn't work out then a blow to Magneto's nuts it will be. And I can assure you there'll be no magnetic cup protecting those things.

[IndieLondon via Filmonic