Check out the first trailer for Sound of My Voice. It drew rave reactions at Sundance, and now there's a trailer, of the movie's first 12 minutes.

The trailer is below, and the first twelve minutes of the film can be found at the movie's official site. The footage shows the induction of some new members into a mysterious cult located somewhere in the San Fernando Valley.

Maggie, the cult leader, claims to be a time traveler from the year 2054 and two members in the cult are investigative journalists who are out to expose her as a con artist. Directed by Zal Batmangliij, and starring Brit Marling (Another Earth), who wrote the film together, they explained at a Wonder Con panel that the movie grew out of their interest in cults and fringe groups and they shot the film for virtually no money. The entire cast and crew worked for nothing, all around the LA area, and often in people's basements.

Check out the trailer below: