Spider-Man director Marc Webb spent WonderCon talking up his Spider-Man reboot. He revealed one big new detail: the movie will hint at who Spidey will face in the sequels. There will be sequels!

Cinema Blend, asked Webb whether this movie contains any hints as to which villains will show up in any follow-up movie. Webb simply said, "There are." As to who, its anyone's guess for now.

Could it be the Green Goblin again? Or Dr Octopus? Venom, etc? A lot of Spidey's enemies have already been shown at the previous versions seen on film, so we're just wondering who could it be? Perhaps Morbius?

Moving on, Webb expanded on his brief confirmation by promising that this is still very much its own, independent movie:

The movie is conceived first and foremost to work as its own entity but there are certain things like the story of his parents that emotionally and narratively are the long shadow that's cast over his life. Certainly there are hints to deeper stories but, you know, we've got to finish this before we can get to that so it was important that it function on its own.