Artist Jean "Moebius" Giraud has passed at the age of 73. He was a concept artist that provided some of the most stunning scifi and fantasy art ever. You've seen his work and probably never realized it.

He's been involved in providing preliminary designs for films like Tron, The Abyss, Alien, Masters of the Universe, The Fifth Element and Willow. The artist also provided concept art for El Topo director Alejandro Jadorowsky's never realized Dune adaption.

Which is a shame. Some of his work never came to realization. But Jadorowsky and Moebius have been working together for a lot of other projects too before.

The fantasy comic Arzach was slated to become a cartoon in the 1980s, but no luck, the project did not materialize but it was later adapted for European television in 2004. His other works included the wester BlueBerry, artwork for Heavy Metal magazine, futuristic detective story The Long Tomorrow, and Stan Lee's Silver Surfer miniseries Parable.

Here's an illuminating interview with The Los Angeles Times from April 2011, in which the artist pishposhed his celebrity:

"They said that I changed their life," Giraud whispered in amazement. "‘You changed my life.' ‘Your work is why I became an artist.' Oh, it makes me happy. But you know at same time I have an internal broom to clean it all up. It can be dangerous to believe it. Someone wrote, ‘Moebius is a legendary artist.' I put a frame around me. A legend - now I am like a unicorn."

So once again, the world of science fiction design has lost two of its greatest visionaries. Here's a sampling of Moebius' concept and comic art. That series of Willow illustrations will blow your damn mind.

A scene from his 1982 animated film The Time Masters.