You know you're out of touch if you think performing a skit using black face is funny. Unfortunately, Billy Crystal didn't get that memo, and now he's reaping the repercussions from his opening skit at the Academy Awards 2012 which also featured Justin Bieber. CS Monitor reports:
This show touched a nerve with the African-American community nationwide,” says Najee Ali, a black activist as executive director of Project Islamic H.O.P.E. in Los Angeles. “They are making a slew of comments on Facebook and Twitter that AMPAS is totally out of touch with reality.”
Other's are saying that the history of the skit should be further explored, and that the only real controversy here is how unfunny the skit was, and that it proves that the relevancy of the Oscars as a must-see TV event is declining. The DailyNews reports that viewership during this year's Oscars (39.3 mill) lost out to the Grammys (39.9 mil).