While this has almost nothing to do with Bond and the "WTF" it left me at, this is really about Gemma Arterton who was born with 6 fingers on each hand.

Gemma Arterton, who plays Agent Fields in "Quantum of Solace," opening Nov. 14, was born with six digits on each hand. The extra fingers were removed during childhood.

Polydactyly takes several forms, said hand surgeon Dr. Terry Light of Loyola University Medical Center. Extra digits can be located next to the thumb, next to the little finger or in the middle of the hand. The digits typically are smaller and abnormally developed. Some babies have two thumbs on each hand, while other babies have seven or eight fingers and no thumb.

Of course this is a matter of science and if you want to read more, go here.

Other than the really brief moments we saw her not wearing much clothing, I can say her performance was simply just okay.