Over at Latino Review, Zack and Miri make time for an interview. Kevin Smith has been making his rounds to promote the movie, and from what it seems to be, it looks like a pretty good one. Well, interviews don't say or give out everything but here's a gist of the interview:

The Monroeville connection, I got that from the minute the signs were on the screen. Why Monroeville?

Smith: Well, I wanted to set the movie in a place that seemed like the last place in the world that anyone would think about making porn. Initially, in the first draft, it was Minnesota and then Mojo went over the draft and was like, 'It's going to be a lot cheaper for us to shoot in Pittsburgh.' I was like, 'We shot "Dogma" there ten years ago and I had a great time and had a great crew base. I'll set it in Pittsburgh.' But then I felt that Pittsburgh itself, being that it is a major city, was too cosmopolitan and I just wanted to move outside into the suburbs and that's where Monroeville came in. I was like, 'Fucking Monroeville, man. That's like from "Dawn of the Dead".' So I got to make a reference to that mall and stuff like that. I was kind of going on the geeky side, like, 'How could this benefit me personally while I'm doing a shoot?'

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