Believe it or not. The movies that we watch have some form of embedded message in it. As such, this is the feel good factor on which most films are made. So really, you're not just watching action, but heroic acts that have some form of moral lesson in it. It was a way for, back then at least, repressed feeling and sentiments to come out in the open. Lets have a look at a few.

In Superman Returns, Superman came back to Earth after a 5 year sabbatical. That's pretty irresponsible of him to leave in the first place because the world would then go chaotic. And everyone will be in a state of panic. But nevertheless, good ol Supe returns to resume his work and the world is once more, safe again. Not before endangering the world again.

Moral lesson and message: Don't shirk your responsibilities punk. If you do, the consequences are big. Also, if you're an alien and have nowhere to go, don't come to Earth. Thanks. (because he brings all his enemies from space that's why.)

Iron Man, yawn, I'm getting tired of talking about this already. Well Tony Stark is sort of a jerk who sells weapons and makes alot of money from that. He gets kidnapped and then starts to see the light of what destruction can do to other peoples' lives other than his own of course.

He then turns all good natured, while still being cool and cocky, and becomes Iron Man. The bastion of Justice!

Moral lesson and message: Be good onto others, but if you want to know the rest of the moral then you can visit some other self delibitating and help website. Message? Money..apparently solves alot of things. Like building the technology and having the smarts to send you to school to learn all those sciencey things so you can come out with something that defies the law of physics. Yes, stay in school guys.

Harry Potter is no doubt a movie about racism. All that true blood, mud blood stuff is just a disguise to show that the antagonist of the show is clearly one big racist mother quack. But that's not stopping Harry Potter from featuring hot stars like Emma Watson who's picture above is probably not the best.

What can we learn from Green Lantern. Let's see. Green is the universal color that makes superheroes get their super anger from? Looks pretty consistent to me with stuff like the Hulk, She-Hulk. While admittedly, Green Lantern is perhaps one of the silliest names you can come up for a superhero it doesn't change the fact that this dude does kick some ass.

Lesson learned here: Control your temper.

Son Goku came to earth after a series of drama with his homeplanet and stuff. His kind followed him and are a bunch of war whoring hobos. They live, eat, sleep, drink and constipate their lives to fight. Yes that's right. But not Goku. Because he's cool. And that's where the lesson kicks in. Fighting is not the answer, but its definitely something worth watching. Otherwise, why would we even bother with Dragon Ball. By the way, this movie will be coming out soon.

Batman clearly needs psychiatric help if not some sex. But that makes him the kind of hero that everyone adores. If not hate. But he doesn't really care. He'll kill you. No he won't just kidding. He'll just beat the living daylights out of you.