Yup, those multi-colored costumed heroes with the catchy little theme music will still have a shot at annihilating the big screen -- and it's all thanks to Haim Saban.

Although Disney acquired the franchise a few years back, Saban has since swooped in to claim back the brand and even revealed new plans for the Rangers (cue in dastardly music score):

The Saban acquisition includes worldwide rights to the Power Rangers brand and the more than 700 TV episodes produced over 17 years. Saban also immediately unveiled a new, long-term master toy and video game license deal with Bandai Namco Group, which has handled toy lines for the franchise since its inception.

While some, including at Disney, have criticized fight scenes on the TV show as violent, Saban Wednesday said the brand emphasizes the importance of teamwork, responsibility and helping others.

According to reports, Saban plans to produce an 18th season of the Power Rangers TV, develop live tours, theme park attractions and, get this, potential movie projects. Morphorific!