E-Online has a brief interview with actor Clifton Collins Jr. about his role in the upcoming J.J. Abrams Star Trek movie:

“Me and Eric are the new Romulans,” Collins said of their space alien characters in the flick. "They had a linguist come in and invent Romulan!”

Collins said his and Bana's Romulan look could have been somewhat inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean. “We’re space pirates,” Collins explained. “Think of Johnny Depp as a Romulan.”

And get ready for some surprise appearances in the movie. "There is, but I better not say," Collins said of possible big-star cameos. "There are certain things that as kids growing up, whether it's Star Trek or other shows at the time, all you got to do is really just hear their voice and your heart warms."

Asked if he was referring to characters and actors from the original television series, Collins simply smiled and said, "Maybe."

We all know Leonard Nimoy is in the movie, but who else from the original cast could make an appearance? For months William Shatner has denied any involvement with the film, saying they never called him to appear in it. Was it all a lie? And how could he even tie in to the new film?