The "Will the Dark Knight Sink the Titanic" headline is getting a little stale already. Titanic played in an era where it held box-office supremacy for 17 WEEKS and grossed over $600 million domestically. Sure, The Dark Knight has performed admirably as it has earned $351 million after two weeks, but it still needs another $249 million to hit the Titanic mark. That is more money than every single release so far in 2008 outside of Iron Man and Indy IV with Hancock being the next best thing at $210 million.

I'm not doubting the Dark Knight but people are sure suckers for tear jerkers so no, Titanic will not be losing its top spot at the all-time box-office and in this era of churn-and-burn film releases that mark will never be matched, at least not until box-office ticket prices make it possible, and by then we may no longer have theaters and the excuse of inflation is sure to taint any release at that point.

But along came The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. Everyone knows Brendon Fraser isn't that good of an actor but he can sure deliver blockbuster quality just like Will Smith.

The Mummy earned an estimated $16.5 million at Friday's box according to Steve Mason at Fantasy Moguls and he has it taking in approximately $43.5 million for the weekend. While that looks like it will be enough to take the top spot it seems the $50-55 million tracking figures were lofty and bad reviews may have hurt the film's ultimate box-office performance.

With Mummy at #1, that leaves #2 for The Dark Knight, which added an additional $12.3 million to its tally bumping it to $363 million total and Mason projects it to hit $41 million for the weekend. This will bring Knight's total to $392 million, which will send it to the #8 spot on the all-time list besting Star Wars: Episode III and leaving it $68 million shy of the #2 all-time slot currently held by Star Wars. While that #1 spot may be out of reach I truly don't see what could stop

Step Brothers held strong in its second weekend earning an estimated $5.25 million on Friday and expected to end up around $15.2 million for the weekend and Mamma Mia! is still performing well with $3.9 on Friday and is expected to hit $12.6 million for the weekend taking its total to $87.5 million. Not bad for a film that received bad reviews and even received a bad review by someone that claimed to have enjoyed themselves. What a world.

The other major new release this weekend was Disney's Swing Vote, which earned an estimated $2 million on Friday and is expected to not even crack the top five with an expected $6 million for the weekend.

WALL•E cracks $200 million total after Friday's figures and Fox's X-Files sequel doesn't even get a mention in Mason's round-up as it brings in a measly $1.75 million on Friday on its way to an anticipated $5 million weekend. I am starting to wonder if I should just go see this movie for the hell of it. The craziest thing about The X-Files and Fox has got to be that the studio dumped $7 million more dollars into Space Chimps than it did into X-Files ($30 million vs. $37 million). What kind of sense does that make? It's almost as if they didn't want the film to succeed. Oops, did I say that? There is no way the studio could have set out to hurt director Chris Carter's career after his settled lawsuit with them that delayed the second film in the first place is there? Probably not. Just me over analyzing things. Forget I said anything.