USA Today has debuted the first official still from Max Payne featuring Marky Mark pulling a move that would make Danny Butterman quite proud, just look at him flying through the air there.
The pic doesn't come equipped with much about the film outside of a few quotes, one from Mila Kunis, the "That '70s Show" actress that plays an assassin in the flick that is rather choice:

"I made the mistake of stumbling on an Internet site of fans and what they thought of the casting," she says. "I hope I don't cross them on the street before the movie. Maybe they'll change their minds when I'm in leather pants and bustier."

Also in the article Wahlberg admits to never playing the game, but says one of his assistants "plays it all the time, and I probably watched him play more than I should. It's got a story line more complex than most video-game movies."