This will be the new Jor-El appearing in Smallville. According to Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello, Julian Sands has signed on to appear in the CW series as a time-tossed version of Kal-El's father appearing in modern day Smallville alongside new villain Zod.

Apparently, the November (ie, sweeps) episode "Kandor" - named for the city from Krypton that was stolen by Brainiac in the comics, and the possibly-still-existant city that Kara left Earth to find in Smallville, for those looking for clues - will reveal that Jor-El was one of the Kryptonians brought to Earth with Zod at the end of last season, potentially confusing the timeline leading to Kal's birth and launching the series into a new Back To The Future direction, at least for one episode. 

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