Norway has its own giant monster. An egg!!!

The disappointing thing for everybody who was hoping for a battle with this giant egg is that this is just a test trailer. No full-length movie is planned! WTF, right?

As trailer-maker Geir Are Mo explains:

I'm actually a musician and me and a friend [Jan R. Bakken] have a band to make silly and weird music just for the fun of it. At one point it all evolved into a [pseudo] religion, made up out of dumb lyrics and themes, where we were supposed to pray to forks (yeah, the thing you eat with. In Norway, it's called Gaffel). Later I recorded a song called "The Mortal Egg That Eats Me.."

Anyway, as a joke we decided to make the Eggs a mythical gigantic creature in the "gaffismic religion" we created - so that's where it all started. We later thought about how cool it would've been if it was in a giant monster movie. So last summer [Jan] came over to my house. We filmed a few shots around the farm where I live and later that night I finished the trailer.

Eggs are too scary? Scrambling their way into children's dreams..

via Undead Backbrain, via Avery Battles!