Rumors that Marvel might not sign Jon Favreau to helm IM2 because they don't think he deserves whatever amount of money he's supposedly asking for the sequel.

As expected, IESB received a great deal of attention over this bombshell. Ain't It Cool News' Harry Knowles
confirmed the story, while Devin Faraci of CHUD expressed skepticism that financial negotiations could be that far when Favreau himself had confirmed that he had only heard from Marvel once. But we all agreed that something was rotten at the studio of Marvel. It seems a bit presumptive to name a release date, but avoid talking to or signing your director, yes?

Well, perhaps Marvel felt their world being rocked by an angry Internet, because suddenly things have gotten much friendlier.
IESB says that three hours after they posted the story, their Marvel sources reported in with the news that the studio was reaching out to Favreau. Nikki Finke chimed in with a confirmation. Marvel Studio insiders are now wagging their fingers at us, wondering how we could be so gullible, and believe them to be so stupid. Here's where you can collectively roll your eyes.

At any rate, the story is now that David Maisel has put out an offer for Favreau to direct the Iron Man sequel, and that it is "much richer" than what he was paid for the first film. Here begin the negotiations, and here we can breathe a sigh of relief that things seem to be going the right way. I will also venture to applaud the anger of the geeks, as I suspect our ill will may have been the spark to get things moving