We watched the preview of Avatar on saturday at Mid Valley and now we find out the previews will probably be coming to a TV screen near you sometime soon. Our verdict? Go watch Avatar when it comes out. 

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Cameron has signed a deal with Panasonic to promote their new range of 3D TVs and, as part of the deal, the electronics manufacturer will have vans touring the US and Europe with large screen 3D TVs in them, showing previews for the December-released movie. Panasonic general manager Masayuki Kozuka thinks that the partnership will show off both his company, and 3D televisions, in the best possible light:

We want to get global interest rolling... For people to want to watch 3D at home, the movie has to be a blockbuster.

The televisions are expected to be released next year, although the Avatar vans will begin their tours next month. Avatar is released December 18th.

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