Mr Eko wants to get lost again. At least that's what he intends to do in ABC's final season of Lost. After asking to leave the show in the third season, we might just see Akinnuoye Agbaje coming back to the show.

I'm here for [the Lost producers]. Adewale is open for business. We have had talks about some things they might do for the final season and there are other dead folks coming back allegedly but at the moment it is still a maybe. A strong maybe but I have not shot anything yet or signed any contracts. But I'm hoping.

Explaining about why he'd be willing to go back, he said,

I loved working with that team and the reception I got from people was phenomenal. Even at Comic-Con this year I went to sign my action figure for G.I. Joe and people had tons of questions about Lost. It makes you feel good that you could be off a show for more than a year and still have people thinking about your character. It was a great part.

Are these clues good enough for you? I smell some intensive Time Traveling shit about to rain.

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