The universe bestows us with spoilers from everywhere. From Star Trek, to Iron Man, to Smallville, Lost, Jennifer's Body, Rec 2, New Moon and Dollhouse.


MarketSaw's description of the Comic Con footage from this film includes a few new details. Like, the disabled Jake Sully muscles his way out of his wheelchair and into his control bed, grabbing each of his legs in turn by the pants leg and swinging it over. Then, his mind is transferred into his alien Avatar body, and everything is different. The technicians tell him "Welcome to your new body," and he tries touching his thumb with his fingers. He steps down onto the floor, and we focus on his giant blue feet. Jake gets startled by his own tail, which wraps around him, and causes havoc in the lab. Jake, unused to his new Avatar body, goes a bit berzerk, and the technicians try to sedate him, but Jake rips off his electrodes and leaves the lab, with the technicians giving chase. [MarketSaw]

Star Trek:

Nero won't fiddle while the Federation burns. Eric Bana confirms he won't be back for any sequels, and his character was just a one-off for the first movie. [MovieWeb]

Iron Man 2

A couple more tidbits from Marvel's set reports. SHIELD agent Coulson (the guy who couldn't come up with an acronym in the first movie) will be back, which seems surprising since we have Nick Fury now. As for Fury, all that Kevin Feige would say is that his role will be at least comparable to his appearance in the first film — which is an odd statement, given that he was in the first film for 20 seconds, and we've already seen more footage than that featuring him.

The Time Traveler's Wife

Warner Bros. released a slew of promo pics from this time-crossed romance film, coming August 14. [Warner Bros.]


There's a new trailer for this deadly-video-games film, plus a new TV spot... and a new trailer in German, which I think is the same as the other one. Only more Teutonic.

Jennifer's Body:

The movie's horror conceit is a metaphor for what's happening in the relationship between Fox's and Seyfried's characters. Fox's character has to feed on human flesh, or else she wastes away — which only has the effect of making her look like a lot of typical girls. [via SpoilerTV-Movies]

[Rec] 2:

A new trailer for this Spanish horror sequel includes some new footage. [Bloody Disgusting]

New Moon:

Apparently that thing about the ancient and powerful Volturi sitting around stark naked in one scene was just a joke on the part of actor Jamie Campbell-Bower, says director Chris Weitz. [Bella And Edward]


A new Italian trailer for season six makes the show sound all suave and sophisticated. And reveals, ummm... that there'll be an island. And stuff.


Echo (Eliza Dushku) will start out being aware that "As a person, she exists, and she has a mission. She has something she wants. [New Jersey Star-Ledger]


Here are a set of new promo pics of our cast members. [Fringe Bloggers]


Here's a new teaser for season nine, plus the spoilery clip they showed at SDCC. [OSCK]

Vampire Diaries

Here's a new trailer for the most hotly anticipated show with "diaries" in the title:

And there are some casting script pages from the third episode, where Jenna meets her old flame Logan, who's in his late 20s and they trade insults and barbs that prove they have tons of unresolved sexual/romantic tension.  [SpoilerTV]