Zod is coming back to Smallville. I thought he was long gone, or back in the Phantom Zone or something. It seems like these shows manage to bring people who are long gone back all the time. io9 has the scoop on what's up with Smallville's ninth season. Callum Blue will be playing Zod. Here's an excerpt:

I don't want him to have any question in his mind about what he wants to do. I don't want him to have any redeeming qualities or redeeming features. There's definitely a human side of him, he's insecure, there's a reason why he's a villain... The complexities of the character, the reasons why he wants what he wants and does what he does, that's what interests me. The human side of it. I think he's a very sad lonely character, but he doesn't ever let that show... There's a reason he's so shut down. Before I go on set, I'm in my trailer, working myself into a real emotional state, and then I go on set and try to cover that up, so there's always some fire going on within him, but there's a coolness as well... He knows what he wants. He wants everyone to kneel before him.

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