io9's got another piece on Scarlett Johansson when she talked Iron Man 2. Here are some excerpts:

Can you talk a little bit about filming action scenes with the catsuit?

The idea of so many millions of people watching what I'm going to do, I'm used to that, kind of thing. But as far as the action scenes and how the costume relates to that. One thing obviously important to my character is that the costume moves. My character is an expert in hand-to-hand combat, she's a mixed martial artist, she comes from a dance background, there's some gymnastics thrown into it, it's kind of everything all thrown into one big fighting machine. So a big part of me wondered: Can I move in this, can I run in it, can I curl myself up around things with this? I think you just have to put in the hours. Putting in the the hours, and repetition, training — basically befriending the stunt team. Spending all day, everyday, just over and over and over, until you sell it.

Are there any truth rumors about the cat fight between you and Gwyneth Paltrow?

No, nothing could be further from the truth. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about working with her. Well, she's very much out of the loop. She's very much out of the loop, you know — she's got a wonderful family whom she spends a lot of time with. So for her, she's like, "What's going on? What?" And of course Jon [Favreau] who's on his Twitter, he's crazy about any kind of news about anything. He's like "You haven't heard? You haven't heard?" And he comes onto set and we're both like, "Oh god." Every time I would say to Gwyneth, "Oh yeah, that was on the seventh," and she'd say, "Are you sure it wasn't on the sixth?" He'd [Favreau] yell, "what? It's a cat fight! It's breaking out."

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