The Green Hornet may still be shot of Kato but its villain has found its way in the form of Nicholas Cage. I remember the one time when Nicholas Cage played the bad guy for a few minutes then later on to the pathetic good guy with bad guy face. Face-Off if anyone can remember that.

So Variety is reporting the Cage is in talks to play the gangster villain in Michel Gondry's adaptation of the Green Hornet. Seth Rogen will be starring as the superhero of course. Now when you look at it, how serious and good will this be with a funnyman acting as the superhero?

Nicholas Cage was previously in Ghost Rider if you're trying to guess and remember which other superhero movie did he act in. Stephen Chow was set to play Kato but pulled out later on. 

It sounds quite risky, especially when you think how well can Cage's brand of strange intensity gel well with Rogen's almost seemingly honest and earnest persona. Needless to say, they need Kato and they need him fast. Just don't make this one a slapstick.