A new Superman movie may just be never or really late until they've settled whatever legal hoohahs they have to. Joe Shuster however, father of Superman has other kinds of things up his sleeve. Had I should say.

The Gotham Group has picked up the movie rights to Craig Yoe's wonderful Secret Identity: This sort of reveals Shuster's work on the controversial BDSM underground comic series called The Nights of Terror from the 1950s. Man these guys were pimping it gangsta style even back then. The comic, too, does kind of look like the old Superman. And probably a parallel of the original story with characters like Lois Lane and Lex Luthor in various scenes of S&M play.

The Gotham Group is currently trying to find writers for the project; no date for release has been announced.

Gotham to reveal Shuster's 'Secret' [Variety]