The world of wizadry over the years has surely gotten popular. The world of Harry Potter as if you can complain, have quite a number if incantations that are coupled with the rightly brewed potions which help people to lose all their clothing, fall in love, go invisible, drive a car, broom, whatever, and...die!!

That hasn’t stopped the cast of “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” from wishing they could, like their characters, sometimes make the impossible possible.

Emma Watson at the New York premiere confessed that she wouldn't mind Felix Felicis which is a good luck potion that is sort of prominent in the film's plot.

 “I kind of wish I could take it before I did this sort of thing,” she told MTV News.

Bonnie Wright: “I think there are so many love potions actually in this film, so they are quite exciting,” she said. “They are almost quite drug-like in the sense that kids get into them —: obsessed.”