If you had a few hours alone with the most famous actor in the world, what would you ask him? That was the thought process driving director/actor Eli Roth when he appeared alongside Brad Pitt in the upcoming Quentin Tarantino flick, “Inglourious Basterds.” Naturally, Roth asked something we all might want to know: how does the dude go to the bathroom?

“I was wondering: ‘You’re at a baseball game and you have to take a p-ss,” Roth said with a laugh, remembering his query on the set of “Inglourious Basterds.” “What do you do?”’

Credit Mr. Angelina Jolie with an open-book answer, as Pitt told Roth that it happens to him all the time. “It’s a real problem,” Roth recalled Pitt’s response. “[He told me] ‘you go into a bathroom at Dodger Stadium, and everyone is looking at you. It’s kind of weird… you have to wait until the Dodgers are up, and it thins out - and then you find an empty stall.’”

Brad’s bathroom behavior didn’t discourage Roth from enjoying his experience on the Tarantino set, or with the famous movie star leading the cast. Pitt, Roth and the rest of the ensemble bonded over their work on the bloody WWII epic about a group of Jewish-American soldiers determined to take down the Nazis.

“Brad Pitt is amazing,” Roth said of his experience appearing opposite Pitt, Mike Myers, B.J. Novak and others. “He was the coolest.”

“Everyone in the crew loved [Pitt], and we had so much fun being in character,” Roth continued. “He was always joking around, always keeping it loose on set.”

Between takes, Pitt would gladly answer any questions – about bathroom habits or anything else. “What was great about Brad was that he knew we were all young actors and writers and directors. So we would be like, ‘In ‘Kalifornia’ how did you do this?’ ‘In ‘Twelve Monkeys’…’ Even in the middle of scenes, we would ask about characters and acting. And he would tell you anything.”

“He is the model that you want any movie star - anyone at that level of fame - to behave like,” Roth explained. “If you had a scene and he was in it, he was right there, giving it 100 percent for every actor. He really wanted everybody to be great. He is an incredibly generous actor.”

If you had the chance, which wacky question would you ask Brad Pitt?