Today's spoilergasm includes morevague Star Trek statements, but also hints on Iron Man 2 and Transformers 3. Plus crazy pics from Torchwood, Fringe and FlashForward. Edward James Olmos talks BSG's "The Plan." Also: Supernatural, Stargate and Vampire Diaries spoilers.

Star Trek:

Yet another day of vague statements about the next Trek film. I missed posting the other day this interview, in which J.J. Abrams seems to downplay the idea that the next movie could be about the Enterprise battling a force of nature instead of a traditional villain, as writers Orci and Kurtzman have hinted. Says Abrams:

Well, I'm open to anything. We've had some really interesting discussions so far but, you know - you have to be open to everything to find the right thing so the answer is sure, I'm open to that. I think in a story it's important to personify, somehow, what you're up against so it's a tricky one to figure out how to, like, fight evil wind!

So I'd say that's looking less likely. Meanwhile, Orci and Kurtzman were interviewed by UGO, and the interviewer suggested that he'd like to see a well-rounded Ferengi character in the next movie. To which Kurtzman said, "Right on." So does that mean we can start spreading rumors that the next movie will be all about the Ferengi? [Collider and UGO]

Iron Man 2:

There's a somewhat garbled report that Robert Downey Jr. saved an extra who had gotten hit by a stuntman in some kind of robot costume. The spoilery part is that it was a scene where a group of stunt men dressed as robotic villains rampage through a crowded event. [Cinemablend]

Transformers 3:

No, it's really not too soon to start talking about the next one. Are you kidding? It's almost too late. Director Michael Bay says the next movie will have a much bigger role for Ramon Rodriguez, who's Shia's sidekick in the current release. (I'm wondering if this is because Shia doesn't want to come back? Or just because Bay really likes Rodriguez.) [L.A. Times]

Battlestar Galactica:

Edward James Olmos confirms our report last week that Dean Stockwell is basically the star of "The Plan," the TV movie about the show's first two seasons from the Cylon standpoint. Apparently, Stockwell's character Cavil masterminded everything. But Grace Park also delivers an exquisite performance, says Olmos. And he says there's a major surprise in store for us as we learn about the Cylons' titular Plan:

What their plan was, I think that's a big surprise. Finding out what the plan was and how it was structured and how close they were to completing it.

And he says we'll learn how different from us the Cylons really are. [Sci Fi Wire]


Here are some set photos from the filming of the new season, involving some kind of car accident. Could this be the accident that involves an FBI agent vanishing from a locked car? And is that Olivia laying battered on the street? [SpoilerTV]


Remember Meg? We haven't seen her since season two, but actor Rachel Miner says she'll be back in the new season. (I thought she died, for some reason. Didn't she get stabbed with the demon-killing knife, or shot with the colt?) Says producer Eric Kripke:

I've been wondering, what Meg's doing out there. I've been continually asking the writers, ‘Where's Meg?" She's would make a really formidable adversary. I got impatient and ended up writing her into my own script.

She may only appear in one episode. [TV Guide Magazine]


The Radio Times includes some details about this miniseries. Apparently, Captain Jack has a scene with his daughter Alice, where she laments that "I get older... and you stay the same." She appears to be the same age as Jack. Also, the 1965 flashback involves children in duffel coats and boots marching towards a mysterious light and vanishing. The show features the biggest set in its history, the mysterious Floor 13. And here are some nice photos. More at the link. [Blogtor Who]


Some cool new stills from the pilot. At the very least, this show will be pretty interesting. Just watching Shakespeare and Sulu hang out together will be cool. [SpoilerTV]

Stargate Universe:

Colonel Telford (Lou Diamond Philips) is expected to be a "recurring guest star" rather than a regular character, although his status remains swathed in mystery. In any case, it may be significant that he's not coming to Comic-Con for this show, and neither is Justin Louis, who plays Colonel Everett Young. [Gateworld]

Vampire Diaries:

I know your excitement for this show has already reached fever pitch. But just in case, here's a new promo to put you over the top:

And some new posters. [VampireDiariesWeb]

And MTV has a review. Apparently for every spooky fogbound moment, there's at least a minute of teen banter in the local cool hangout, accompanied by an upbeat soundtrack. And apparently, one character from the books, Elena's friend Meredith, isn't in the pilot but will show up eventually. And Stefan is from the show's small town, in the Civil War era — not Renaissance Italy as in the books. [MTV]

Past Life: