Newly released clips from the Street Fighter DVD show how you make a so-bad-it's-good-movie. Transformers 2 could stand to learn a thing or two from these sequences showing Kristen Kreuk zipping around in her wire harness and delivering justice-filled one-liners.

New Street Fighter clips are coming out to promote the new DVD, reminding us that even though this was a brain-dead production, it was still more entertaining than Transformers. I would put money on Klein's awful nostril flares over any ancient tribal Transformer. I will definitely buy this movie, or maybe watch it on TNT when there's nothing else on. Street Fighter you are a testament to the Best Worst movies that came before you (TimeCop, Deep Impact, Reign of Fire).

Can you imagine if Bay had decided to make Street Fighter instead of phoning in Transformers 2? The exploding punches alone make me yearn for the Bay version, and Bay clearly needs to be reminded of his roots. His bad late night boom-boom epics, that used to taste good with popcorn and booze, have gone South. His next bad movie should go back to basics, like Street Fighter. Witness the greatness:

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