Mark Wernham's Clarke Award-nominated Martin Martin's On The Other Side left us eager to see what he came up with for his second book. Now he's providing a surreal first glimpse at his second book, with a gallery show.

Wernham just opened a gallery show called "Stills From The Unmade Film Of A Half-Written Novel," featuring some pages from his second novel, Jefferson Greenspan Saves The World. The followup to Martin Martin is just as demented, although it already looks like it might be a bit more coherent and less derivative,

 judging from the sample pages. Jefferson Pearce is an air-conditioning salesman in 1965, when people start shooting at him randomly, and everything goes to hell. The pages (and photos) are pleasingly violent, with bullets flying (including Jefferson shooting someone on live television) and an airplane engine exploding. Somehow the futuristic air conditioning machine that Jefferson's company is rolling out comes to seem more and more sinister, and meanwhile, what's an iMac doing in 1965, and why does it know Jefferson's name?

Tons more photos (and some pages from the novel) at the link. [Mark Wernham]