After viewing the trailer for the live action G.I. Joe movie, I got revved up for the gadget heavy special-ops mission. Methinks my expectations were a bit too high. The first released 45 seconds of G.I. Joe feels like a painful eternity. Click through for pain.

I'm not against bad action movies in any way. Michael Bay and his boom-boom flicks have a place in my heart right next to Herkermer Homolka's accent. But this clip is just not selling me on the power suit. The shiny Master Chief meets Starship Troopers sportswear look is just not working for me.

Granted, this is just a clip, and my expectations for terrible movies that I love are very, very high. It can still be saved. I have complete faith that Sienna Miller's Baroness accent followed by some crazy pants monologing from both Destro (Christopher Eccleston) and Cobra Commander (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) will make this a fun "popcorn" movie that deserves it's place next to my Time Cop DVD, but still.