The first official concept art from Avatar is out, giving us a glimpse at what could be an alien species from planet Pandora — and it reminds us slightly of the Pitch Black beasties, which apparently you can ride like Falcor.

Thanks to MarketSaw for finding these official, yet exotic, pictures from the book The Art of Avatar. I'm actually slightly more excited about motion-capture now, if the world is as lush and intricate as it's being depicted below.

In one picture, you can clearly see the power suit mentioned before and that certainly looks like Sam Worthington steering the suit. You could even go as far as to guess that behind him is his downed space ship and this is how he will be getting around on planet Pandora.

The additional piece of concept art shows some local wildlife racing(?) a robotic-flying machine. Flying animals you can ride are usually a big win for epic movies. The landscape looks lush with green and blue, hopefully it will continue to look as real on screen.