This week in Cult, Heroes' Ando and 80s pop sensation Tiffany take on a bunch of flesh-eating ghosts, we show you commercials from the Eraser Children future, and a better look at Timur Bekmambetov's flying car.

Blood Snow formerly Necrosis

A groups of buddies go skiing and end up resurrecting the Donner party. I want to know, on all these ski trips... Who's the jackass with the Ouija Board or the idea to raise the dead? This is never something that springs to my mind on holiday, even when you run out of booze. The answer to boredom is never, "I know, let's raise the dead," it's "time to go get more booze," followed closely by, "let's see what we can light on fire." Here's the trailer. I couldn't be more excited for the Tiffany/Ando pairing.

Eraser Children

Quiet Earth has pointed out a few trailers and commercials from the futuristic world of Eraser Children. The futuristic world is run by the Misner corporation, who can tax or beat you for a number of violations from "laughing too loudly" to "fraternizing with the underground resistance". Check out this futuristic take on capitalism from the eyes of the Aussies.
Eraser Children trailer

Eraser Children 5.0 ad

Black Lightning

I may not be in love with the work of director Timur Bekmambetov, but one thing is true about his work: it always looks sleek and slick. Which is why I'm pretty excited for the Black Lightning vintage flying car picture. Twitch has a longer look at the teaser trailer showing our hero and his flying car of justice.