There's tons of Terminator Salvation behind-the-scenes footage. Plus more Transformers story details. 

Terminator Salvation:

The first reviews of this film are in, including a few new spoilers. The movie references The Great Escape a few times. Marcus Wright's existential dilemma, after realizing he's a cyborg, comes fairly late in the movie, and so does his determination to "find out who did this to me." The only funny bits are the callbacks to earlier movies, like when people say "I'll be back" and "Come with me if you want to live." [Variety and Hollywood Reporter]

Also, G4 had an hour-long behind-the-scenes special on the making of this film, and here's the whole thing:

So what would happen in Terminator 5? According to McG, it would be "more of a Skynet story, more of a John Connor story," and look more into the genesis of Marcus Wright and the machine hardware. [Access Hollywood]

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen:

Now, the same source has read the grown-up (sort of) novelization, and has a new batch. The story starts with a giant robot startling a group of hunters who are chasing a big jungle cat — they worship it as a god, even after it tosses one of them around.

In the Shanghai confrontation, the ice cream truck has a bumper sticker that says "Decepticons suck my popsickle." Arcee and the Twins chase Sideswipe down an alley, but only Arcee catches up with him. Meanwhile, Optimus jumps out of a C-17 to tackle Demolishor, who warns "This is not your planet to rule — the Fallen is coming back!" with his dying breath.

NEST's headquarters is on Diego Garcia Island. Soundwave merges with a military satellite. Galloway, the NSA rep, asks Optimus if the Autobots would leave if requested — since the Decepticons seem to be attacking because of the Autobots' presence. Optimus says sure, but what if Galloway's wrong about the Decepticons' intent?

When Sam gets to college, his mom accidentally eats a brownie with "extra sugar" and gets high, after which hijinks ensue. Sam loses track of time at the frat party and stands up Mikaela on their first "webcam date." (Insert snarky comments here.) Meanwhile, The Fallen promises to make the resurrected Megatron a Prime once they succeed — and he says the Allspark can never be destroyed, only transformed, which is why it went into Sam's mind.

After Sam escapes the Decepticons, Soundwave calls Sam's mom, who's vacation in Paris, demanding to know where Sam is. Judy hangs up on Soundwave.

When Sam and friends get to Egypt, they're attacked by a Decepticon who becomes a WWI biplane. (Why?) And there are lots of weird clues to the location of the super-powerful Matrix, like "when Dawn alights the Dagger's Tip, three kings will lead the way."

During the final showdown, Skids gets sucked into "Devastator's open mouth," but then blasts out of Devastator's right eye. Skorponok wounds Jetfire really badly, but Jetfire manages to dispose of Skorponok. And then Jetfire sacrifices the last of his parts to help repair Optimus and enable him to fly. Also, Optimus tells Megatron that Primes are born, not made, and the Fallen lied when he promised to make Megatron a prime. "You were betrayed." So Megatron doesn't help the Fallen when Optimus wails on him.

And here's how the adult novelization ends:

Optimus Considered. "I know one thing. Whatever it may hold, it is a future we'll meet together. Our Planets, our races, united by a history long forgotten, yet to be discovered." Tilting back his head, he peered up at the sky and through it, to the stars beyond.

More grown-up details at the link. [TFW2005]

Also, toy spoilers! Here's our best look, so far, at Optimus and Jetfire combined, from the end of the movie. [Transformers Movie Chronicles]

Iron Man 3:

Faran Tahir once again expresses his desire to have his character from the first movie come back in the third, having evolved into Iron Man's arch-nemesis, the Mandarin. His fate, he stresses, was left up in the air. [Movies-Spoilers]

Doctor Who:

Not only is Billie Piper back for a cameo in David Tennant's final episodes, so is her on-screen mom, Camille Coduri. The two filmed a scene where they walk through the Powell Estate, and they're having a bit of an argument. Then they hug and make up. Jackie tells Rose happy new year and tries to tell her not to stay out all night. "Try and stop me," Rose replies. Then she comes around the corner and runs into the Doctor, who's staggering and convulsed with pain, clutching the wall. He asks her what year it is, and she says 2005. (So Rose hasn't actually met the Doctor yet.) He tells her he's sure she'll have a fantastic year. Then he has a startling confrontation with Ood Sigma, whom he also meets in this fall's "Waters Of Mars." The Daily Mail article also repeats the earlier, somewhat suspect, claim that Claire Bloom is playing "the Doctor's mother." (Some of the pics showing Tennant and Piper laughing are from between takes.) Some photos are by Katiespbrennan, StarshipTrooper and BilliePiperFan [Daily Mail and Planet Gallifrey]


The Dharma Initiative's connection to Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan will play a huge role in the show's sixth and final season, say the producers. [USA Today via SpoilersLost]

So is John Locke really dead? Yes, says actor Terry O'Quinn, who explains what he'll be doing in season six:

As for his character, O'Quinn says he's really gone. Locke's dead body was rolled out of a metal box toward the end of the two-hour episode, baffling islanders who had been following a Locke imposter. Exactly who is now occupying Locke's body wasn't revealed. O'Quinn said it would be "a good guess" to assume it's a man seen with the infamous Jacob in the beginning of the episode.

"I think, unfortunately, I think it's ended for Locke. But I'm still there, as far as I know," O'Quinn said. "I don't know how it's going to end for this other guy. I'm sad. I miss John Locke, poor guy. He was a pawn."

O'Quinn is gearing up to play a new character when the sixth season begins next year. As for the rest of the story line, he swears he has no idea.

"Your guess is honestly as good as mine is," he said. "There's going to be some confrontation that will somehow, I'm guessing, have to do with Jack or Locke or something like that. I think these guys are just setting up good and evil. It's the way Locke said in the very beginning of the show: One is light and one is dark. Two sides. I think that's what we've got."

[GoUpstate via SpoilersLost]


Is Davis Bloome really dead? All signs point to yes, says Sam Witwer. Although he makes a joke about them stuffing Davis' body in a closet to deal with later. Also, he says Alison Mack is aware that Chloe is the last character who needs to be disposed of to bring the show in line with the Superman mythos. [TV Guide]


If this show comes back in first-run syndication, Nina the demon won't be around full-time, but she will show up, says actor Jenny Wade. In tomorrow night's episode, she tries to help Sam break his deal with the Devil, but also hooks up Sock with one of her demon pals. And if Sam does succeed in getting out of his Satanic bargain, his relationship with Andi will play a huge role in what happens next. [Sci Fi Wire]