Surprising no-one, ABC announced late Friday that they have officially picked up Flash Forward, the television adaptation of Robert Sawyer's novel that gives everyone on Earth a mysterious (and short) glimpse of their own future.

When it premieres, Flash Forward will feature a lot of familiar faces, both in front of and behind the cameras; Joseph Fiennes, Pirates of the Carribean's Jack Davenport and Star Trek's John Cho lead the cast, while the showrunners are Green Lantern and Amazing Spider-Man's Marc Guggenheim and The Dark Knight and Blade's David Goyer (who co-wrote the pilot with former Star Trek franchise chief Brannon Braga). Even before the official order, the show was widely assumed to be a definite go considering that ABC has already been running teaser trailers for it during the last two episodes of Lost; those teasers are now being pointed to by some as a sign that the show will either be paired with the island drama or, more likely, be in its Wednesday timeslot before Lost's January 2010 return.

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