I’ve been a HUGE fan of Bradley Cooper’s ever since his role on Alias (at one time my favorite show on TV). Cooper was probably my favorite character on the show beside Sloane (played perfectly by Ron Rifkin… perhaps my all time favorite television bad guy).

I had a chance to hang out with Cooper a little bit at Comic Con last year (yes I took the liberty of putting a picture up with me and him), which was a bit of a thrill for me since I’m such a fan of his work. The guy is so humble it would make your head spin. I remember him saying “I still have no idea why anyone wants me around”. Well… we do Brad.

Anyway, the guys over at Hitflix are reporting that Bradley Cooper is on the final short list to play the lead role in the upcoming hero flick “The Green Lantern”.

But his biggest role yet is the one he may be playing for Warner Bros. later this summer. I’ve just spent the last hour or so on the phones, tracking down a rumor I heard, and HitFix can exclusively report that Bradley Cooper is now one of the guys most likely to don the suit and slip on the power ring as The Green Lantern for director Martin Campbell. Let’s be clear: they have not hired him yet. But the process is far enough along that this is more than just a meeting or some spot on a wish list.

This would be exceptional casting. Cooper is a terrific performer, and I believe that after “The Hangover” comes out this summer, Bradley Cooper is going to be (finally) a major A-list star and getting him on board for Green Lantern now would be wise. He’s got very respectable comedic timing when needed, he’s a good looking dude with a superhero body type and a growing fan base. I’m all for this.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying he’s the ONLY guy who can play this role… not at all… I’m just saying it would be a great casting decision and I’m all for it. We should know very soon if this is going to pan out.