Star Trek:

As you probably gleaned from yesterday's clips, Captain Robau of the U.S.S. Kelvin beams over to Nero's ship, which is a mistake. And Nero attacks Vulcan while Kirk and Spock are still at the Academy, and then Kirk finds himself on board the newly commissioned Enterprise alongside Spock and the rest of the crew. Stuff that's not explained in the movie includes what Nero is doing for 25 years between attacking the Kelvin and attacking Vulcan, and why his mining ship is so advanced. Plus how Kirk finds Old Spock on the frozen planet of Delta Vega. And why Kirk gets promoted to First Officer so quickly when he's only a cadet and there are tons of junior officers around. [Sci Fi Wire]

Terminator Salvation:

Three awesome new TV spots:

G.I. Joe:

Marlon Wayans wants to reassure you that this toy movie will not be all comedy, and he doesn't clown around the whole time. There's plenty of bad-ass action, honestly. Also, he says the classic catchphrases, like "Knowing is half the battle," are in there, but he won't say who says them. [MTV]


Sam Rockwell plays Sam, a miner stuck alone on the moon, with only a Kevin Spacey-voiced robot for company... unitl there's a moon rover accident, and a mysterious person who looks just like Sam Rockwell turns up. [Time]


With only two episiodes left to the season, is Paul Ballard going to find the L.A. Dollhouse this year? Says Joss Whedon, "Paul's going to find way more than he expects to. He's going to find a lot. It's not pretty." [E! Online]


Don't expect Amanda Graystone to find out about her daughter's virtual avatar any time soon, says actor Paula Malcomson:

She's not going learn early. I think there's just too much payoff if you let it hang out there-I mean, the betrayal, it's just going to be massive.

[E! Online]


The scene between William Bell and Olivia Dunham will leave you wondering what he needs her for, and why he got in touch with her, says Leonard Nimoy. He'll be in at least two episodes next year, at which point we'll learn more about his backstory with Walter Bishop. [Sci Fi Wire]

Doctor Who:

The time-travel show is filming inside the atmospheric walls of Caerphilly Castle, and there's likely to be some kind of explosion involved. But not much else is known, because it's not open to the public. [Planet Gallifrey]


After you see the season finale, you'll understand why "season five has not handed you Sawyer and Kate on a plate." Huh? Also, the finale shows us Sayid's wife Nadia, "back in the future."

Meanwhile, we'll meet Young Kate and her young friend Tom. Plus Young Juliet and her sister Young Rachel, and also Young Sawyer. It's all a part of a figure from the island (Jacob, presumably) looking in on the Lostaways at crucial points in their youth. [E! Online]

And here are some promo pics from that season finale. [SpoilersLost]

Mark Pellegrino is widely rumored to be playing Jacob in the finale, but he's listed on call sheets as "Man Number One." And another guest star, Deadwood's Titus Welliver, is listed as "Man Number Two." Could this be the other presence inside Jacob's Cabin? [Doc Arzt]


It sounds like the death in the season finale is not actually Chloe. Also, Cassidy Freeman says Tess is on the hunt for Davis because Clark can't become Superman until he beats Doomsday. [E! Online]

Lois doesn't just have a ringside seat for the Clark-Doomsday brawl, she gets into a smackdown of her own. [TV Guide]