Ladies and gentleman, Harry Knowles, fans of the X-Men comic books: Don’t expect too much from the future of the film franchise. I’m not saying that these films are going to be critically lauded or loathed, but I do think Wolverine is going to make some money, opening Fox up to some further messing with the established timeline.

Magneto will likely be next for the Origins line, as will X-Men: First Class, but unlike their comic counterparts, these films will be marketed as X-Men sequels regardless of how “pre” the sequels might be.

Lauren Shuler Donner, who produced all three X-Men movies and the upcoming X-Men Origins: Wolverine is the one to ask about upcoming X-Projects, and now that Wolverine is about a week away, people have started buzzing about what’s next for the X-Men. The answer might involve a tonal shit for the series…

From SciFiWire:

What’s the latest on Magneto?
Shuler Donner: I don’t know. We have a great script. Honestly, we have all been just so focused on getting Wolverine out that we didn’t take the time to sit down and explore “What are the movies we’re going to do next within the genre?” We will do that. We will do that. We all want to. Magneto is a fantastic script, and hopefully we’ll make it. I don’t know.

How much will the reaction to Wolverine affect Magneto?
Shuler Donner: I think this is partly to do with it, yes. And then we have First Class, which is based on the X-Men comics’ first class and is very literal to the title. It’s the first class in Xavier’s school. But that’s just being written. I haven’t even seen a first draft. And I’m producing that with Simon Kinberg.

What interests you about First Class as a potential franchise?
Shuler Donner: I like kids. I did produce Pretty in Pink and St. Elmo’s Fire. I do like those kind of teenage movies; I really do. Part of it takes me to my roots. It’s action. There seems, to me, to be more humor, or more potential for humor. I really like that idea. The relationship … I don’t want to get into what the script is about, but it provides a bit of a lighter touch to the franchise.

Lighter touch? To a series about mutants who are always flirting with death via a government sponsored genocide? But seriously, as long as it doesn't any gay-er than Ang Lee's Hulk and the Fantastic Four and people keep Brett Ratner away from making movies then I think everything will be alright.