Take a gander at the monster from JJ Abram’s Star Trek. I say “the” monster without any sort of pre-knowledge about how many monsters or if more than one monster shows up in the film, and I suppose it really is more alien than monster if we’re going to be splitting hairs.

The photo is from a Wired spread with creature designer Neville Page who did creature design for Cloverfield as well as the upcoming Avatar and Piranha 3D. This particular monster is supposed to look sort of like a snow anus, I kid you not…

From Wired:

“The brief was, it needs the most disgusting mouth,” Page says. He considered crabby, finger-like oral appendages, then decided there’s nothing ickier than the sight of a prolapsed rectum.

The entire Wired article is actually very interesting. Paired with sketches and design ideas for Big Red, the article shows how using Earthly animal biology as a base-group of movement rules makes a real looking monster that behaves as something that looks foreign but behaves familiar.

Not to mention that outside the picture there isn’t a single spoiler as to how this red lizard Georgia O’Keefe fits into the movie, which is more for our enjoyment.