Trick R Treat, the directorial debut of Michael Dougherty (writer on X2, Superman Returns) has been finished and sitting on a shelf somewhere in the bowels of Warner Brothers for about two years now without a proper release either theatrically or on DVD. The film got a ton of good buzz last autumn when a promotional screening was so packed that hundreds of folks had to be turned away.

That was followed by a few under-hyped, over-crowded screenings in LA and NY, but none of the positive buzz the film built around itself seemed to help as another Halloween season passed without news of a Trick R Treat release.

One of the rumors surrounding the film’s slow process to the eyes of viewers is that the WB is hesitant to launch a horror flick opposite Lionsgate’s SAW franchise. The original idea was that Trick R Treat would be a yearly series coming back under the guidance of a new director each year, but for whatever reason the WB has decided to hold onto this flick through two autumn marketing seasons.

Now we have a myserious title on a new trailer and a vague blog post. It looks like Trick R Treat is at least coming to DVD, but will we get to see it in theaters? Well…

A new Trick R Treat trailer was found on (CLICK HERE) by ShockTillYouDrop that ends with the title: Coming to DVD and Blu-Ray this October.

Does that mean there isn’t a theatrical release? Not necessarily.  In a post dated today and titled “Keep watching the skies,” director Dougherty write on his MySpace blog: “Two announcements are coming. One in June, the other at Comic-Con in July. Fun stuff that makes me smile…and finally relax. Thanks for all of your messages and support. “

New project? Trick R Treat theatrical release? Both? Maybe both.