X-Men First Class borrows its title from the X-Men comic book of the same name, and now news surfaces that the next generation of Xavier’s students which this movie was supposed to be about will not be the focus, but rather just like the comic, it will be a prequel story that will go back to the first class of students who would become X-Men.

/Film says:

Josh Schwartz had been hired to write a screenplay that focused on “the other teenage characters attending the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning.” But apparently the project is not a spin-off, but a full on X-Men prequel. X-Men franchise producer Lauren Shuler Donner revealed on Fox Movie Channel’s Life After Film School that the film actually focuses on “the first class of Xavier’s school, way back when.”

This is a much better idea.

With some of the younger versions of characters being revealed in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, a logical step forward would be to offer a sort of sequel and have X-Men Origins: First Class as a prequel to the existing films. They can still do a Power Pack movie, or X-Terminators, or New Mutants spinoffs to cover the younger current junior X-Men wannabes.

In the Wolverine trailer we see Xavier’s Alum Scott Summers trying to fit in to a normal high school before ripping its roof off with his optic blasts and who knows who else we will get to see. Showing the earlier days of the X-Men like the comic book started out would be really interesting, however we know they will have to make concessions with Angel and Iceman being introduced as teens in the first X-Men film.

Patrick Stewart seems to be immune to aging, so he can always play Xavier.

I am sure they will get some really hot redhead to play Jean, and I can’t even begin to think who would fill the oversized shoes of a young Beast (Kelsey Grammer was inspired in that role) but who else do you include in the First Class to replace Bobby and Warren?

Maybe they will blurr the First Class with the All-New-All-Different X-Men and give us some back story on Colossus?