We've seen the the Constructicon Devastator before, but never like this. Some new Transformers concept art explains why his face is glowing. Plus pictures of the Transformers' devil-bot Fallen.

Thanks to this beautiful concept art discovered by TFO8, we can now see that the Devastator's head opens up into a giant grinder vortex, naturally. So that explains everything, right?

I'm sorry, but why do you need to grind something if you're going to put it into another vortex anyway? It looks pretty absurdly intense but I'm excited to see him give Optimus Prime the vortex for a mouth. . Look at him go, on the left.

In other botty news here are some beautiful images of the evil Lucifer Transformer Fallen, Skidz and Mudflap and Sideswipe.

[via Flickr]