Earlier this week we confirmed that Sony really is moving forward with their plans to make another Ghostbusters movie, and we already know that Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky have been working on a script. But what we don't really know yet is what the heck it will be about, especially since we keep hearing early buzz that it might be a complete reboot and feature a younger cast mentored by the older 'busters that we all know and love. Thanks to an update on Entertainment Weekly earlier today, it looks like that is indeed the case. Harold Ramis finally confirmed some early details regarding this newest Ghostbusters.

I'm not sure how or where the EW guys caught up with Ramis (I'm assuming it was for Year One), but here's what he had to say. "They'll be looking at younger actors [for the lead roles], I'm sure. But we'll be in it as mentors or advisers. I think the first one captured something that hadn't been seen for a long time: the combination of scary movies and smart broad comedy." And that "we" he mentions are the original four Ghostbusters: Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Bill Murray, and Ramis himself. "Everybody said they'd do it," he confirms, but of course, "everyone's gonna have to love the [Ghostbusters III] script to move it forward."

While he wouldn't say much more about the premise, he did drop in this little tidbit at the end: "Now there's a new concept… And it's interesting, beyond the kind of mythology of it, there's a personal story that's pretty grounded." I might argue that the reason the original two were so damn good is because they had that central story about Bill Murray and Sigourney Weaver. So obviously they better have some sort of personal story or the fan backlash will be pretty bad if they screw this one up. But don't expect to see this too soon. "Even if there was a great script by the end of the summer, it would be a year before [it would get made.]"