Vin Diesel has just slunk back to the Fast/Furious franchise after a departure that allowed for such films as The Pacifier, The Riddick, and The xXx, so it's not too hard to imagine he isn't above doing a superhero movie. It's more surprising he isn't in several superhero movies. But in case you were wondering, specifically, which comic book adaptations he's eyeing, MTV found out:
“I would be more apt to play a villain,” Diesel revealed to MTV News. “[I'd like to play] the protagonist of a story that is also like a Marvel villain — like Doctor Doom or something.” “I have some superhero favorites,” Diesel admitted. “I talked to ['The Surrogates' director] Jonathan Mostow about ‘Sub-Mariner,’ which could be interesting because of its World War II-New York connection.”
Can we stop pretending anyone but Ian Somerhalder could convincingly play Marvel's version of Aquaman, Namor the Sub-Mariner? Put him in a gym for a couple months and that's our guy. And besides that, we cannot be diverting Vin Diesel's talents to the aquatic realm. What if, while Vin is at sea, the enemy comes by really awesome car? Paul Walker cannot face that threat alone.