Turns out the Dean-and-Sam Supernatural fanfic comic has already been created, and this week's episode is all about it. Plus Smallville has a Lex Luthor flashback, and Tricia Helfer gets rough with Chuck.


Chuck -
Move over Sarah - Tricia Helfer is on Chuck detail, and the world's sexiest robot is getting her spy on. Of course, Sarah won't stand for this replacement and I'm sure there will be yet another "hot" girl fight just like every other time a sexy woman guest stars. Chuck is on NBC at 8 PM.

Chuck Promo:

Chuck Clip:

Heroes -
Nathan and Claire hightail it to Mexico, and Peter reconnects with Angela. But more importantly Heroes is bringing back classic bad-boy Sylar. Let's hope it works - but if it doesn't, they could always make him good again, and then bad, and then good. Heroes is on NBC at 9 PM.

Heroes Promo:


Get an eyeful of mutated cave dwellers, when the National Guard comes under attack from cave people in The Hills Have Eyes 2, on Cinemax at 8:30 PM.


Still no new Fringe this week - but thank goodness, it's back next week. Meanwhile, there's a Level 9 marathon on the Syfy Channel from 8 AM until 4 PM.

Reaper -
Sam has to babysit one escaped soul's baby, and calamity ensues, on Reaper at the CW at 8 PM.

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Better Off Ted -
This week Ted brings his cute little girl into the Veridian offices, and she befriends Veronica. But more importantly, what hijinks will Phil and Lem get into this week? Better Off Ted is on ABC at 8:30 PM.

Better Off Ted Veronica Promo:

Lost -
What have you done, Sayid? Surely the island won't let the Iraqi assassin off our favorite morally gray sociopath, Ben - but until then the Dharama people are pissed and looking for someone to blame. Lost is on ABC at 9 PM.

Lost Promo:

UFO Hunters -
This week, the UFO experts break down our favorite type of aliens, the Greys. Learn all about our skinny alien friends, on the History Channel at 10 PM.

Life On Mars -
The series finale of LOM is tonight, and Sam finally gets the chance to return home back to 2008. While it can't possibly top the English series finale, I'm excited to see them try. What price will American Sam have to pay to return home? LOM is on ABC at 10 PM.


What kind of powers would an Atom bomb give someone? The H-Man attempts to answer this question by giving the main character nuclear powers, in this Japanese film set in the seedy criminal underworld. It's on at 12:30 AM on AMC.

Based on Shakespeare's The Tempest, this 50s film follows a space ship sent from earth to explore a colony of scientists sent out years earlier, only to discover all but two have perished, Forbidden Planet is on at 2 AM on AMC.


There is a Highlander marathon on the Syfy Channel from 8 AM until 12 AM.

Smallville -
It's a Davis-centric episode, which means more of the awesome Sam Witwer. No one else does eyes filled with evil like our Sam. And we learn more of Davis' secret past... with young Lex Luthor. Smallville is on the CW at 8 PM.

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Smallville Clip:

Smallville Clip:
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Supernatural -
Dean and Sam turn out to be famous comic book characters. One bath-robed comic-book writer has been making a fortune off of his Sam-and-Dean visions. But when the two boys find out he's written their life story - including an ending - they're less than thrilled. But more importantly, where is this much-vaunted naked Dean book, and how can I get it? Supernatural ever on the CW at 9 PM.

Supernatural Clip

Supernatural Promo

Supernatural Promo

Eleventh Hour

In the season finale, Hood rolls out his arched eyebrow one last time, when a woman accuses the FBI of stealing her baby, and forcibly keeping her medicated and out of the way. Say goodbye to Hood - for now - on CBS at 10 PM.


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles -
I'm still a bit torn up about losing Charley Dixon. They are killing off all the characters I love on T:SCC, but at least it's been delightful at every turn. But this week puts John dangerously close to Catherine Weaver - which makes us nervous for our favorite baddie. T:SCC is on Fox at 8 PM.

T:SCC Promo:

Dollhouse -
Echo wakes up with all her memories intact - along with a few other mind-wiped vessels. But when they arise from their "floor coffins," they're no longer as willing as they used to be to serve as sex-puppet money makers. Dollhouse is on Fox at 9 PM.

Dollhouse Promo:



When werewolves and vampires fall in love and make babies, they're blue things with black eyes, that can kill EVERYONE. Or at least that's the way it works in Underworld, where Kate Beckinsale fighters wear pleather catsuits, so I don't complain. Underworld at 8 PM on TNT.


Kings -
Loyalties are being tested again on this expensive alt-history soap opera. This week, William tries to get Jack to betray his dad, again. Meanwhile, David's loyalties are tested...also again. And Michelle has to do something with the rebels of Gath, so that's new. Kings is on NBC at 8 PM.


DOOMSDAY is on tonight! Think of it as Mad Max meets Dragonheart meets 28 Weeks Later, with a heaping of terrible and a dollop of fantastic. When the U.K. is hit with a deadly virus, the government builds a wall around Scotland, thus sealing in the infected. But, many years later, when it starts to spread, they have to go back inside the quarantine zone and look for survivors. And let me tell you what they find is pretty amazing - think Medieval Times fantastic. Doomsday is on HBO at 2:30 AM.

Jumanji for the information age, Zathura stars Twilight's Kristen Stewart as a teenaged girl who finds herself and her brothers hurled through time and space, as a result of a board game, that's at 5:55 A.M. on TBS.