A couple weeks ago when we talked about Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow in Iron Man 2, I mentioned that I had no doubts in her ability to act or maybe pull off the accent, but I just couldn’t picture it. She just didn’t “look” like Black Widow to me.

Well Screen Rant has an image that might set your mind at ease.

But at least as far as visually, things are looking up - When she recently showed up in London at Moet and Chandon: A Tribute to Cinema party, Scarlett was looking considerably more like the Russian spy that we’ve come to know.

Well my mind is at ease, but my heart rate isn’t.

Scarlett looks absolutely smoldering hot in that dark red hair and striking makeup. This is more like I would imagine Black Widow to look like.

At least now I am less worried about Scarlett in the role. I am confident at least that she can pull off the look.