Let's be totally honest.. The last Pink Panther movies that starred Steve Martin as the incredibly incompetent Inspector Jacques Clouseau were utterly and incredibly stupid.

But now, MGM has announced a new Pink Panther movie which ditches the knobhead inspector for the Pink Panther himself.

David Silverman, director and producer of The Simpsons Movie, will direct the new Pink Panther movie, with Walter Mirisch and Julie Andrews producing. Mirisch was the executive producer of the original Pink Panther movies, and Andrews is the widow of Blake Edwards, who directed the classic Pink Panther movies.

Just like the original cartoon show, the Panther himself won't speak. Instead, the movie will drop the Pink Panther into the real world, using a combination of live-action and CGI. The story takes cues from the original movie, where the title referred to a precious gem-stone that thieves steal.

The studio hopes that the new style and having Silverman direct, will modernize and breathe new life into an old franchise that had failed to impress in its last two outings.

For those who still relate the movie to the classic theme song, you can rest assured that Henry Mancini's jazzy score will be used for the movie.