With a collective sigh of relief and a mass wiping of brows, Stallone announces that 50Cent is now off Expendables and will be replaced by Terry Crews. I was originally puzzled as to why Stallone would include Curtis Jackson in his film, but it seems that he might have lost a game of poker or something, but he is clear of it now, turfing “Fiddy” and bringing in an actor instead.

MovieWeb shares:

The news came from Sylvester Stallone himself. There was no stated reason for 50 Cent’s sudden departure from the film, but Stallone seemed quite enthusiastic about Crews’ participation. In recent years, Crews has starred in Balls of Fury and Get Smart, with a reoccurring role as Chris Rock’s dad on Everybody Hates Chris.

Crews has a long list of experience in supporting roles, and though I don’t feel he could carry a film on his own he will be a fine addition to this ensemble cast.

He doesn’t fit that “legendary action star” moniker that seems to at least drift within arms reach of these participants, but at least he is an actor who has proven himself a number of times long after his previous career as a professional athlete.

I thought Crews was great in The Longest Yard (appropriately cast as a football player) as Cheeseburger Eddy. Hopefully he brings something unique to the Expendables too.