Please tell me it's not true! Ain't It Cool News is reporting that Forest Whitaker has dropped out of Sylvester Stallone's The Expendables due to a scheduling conflict. So who has Sly found to replace him? None other than Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent. Are you kidding me?! Anyone who has seen Get Rich or Die Tryin' or Home of the Brave or Righteous Kill knows that 50 Cent is probably the worst actor ever! No one should ever cast him, and no one should ever put him in their movie, not ever, no matter the circumstances. I really don't know how Sly could think 50 Cent is an acceptable replacement for an Oscar winner?!

Harry from AICN, who is in contact with Stallone and brought us word of Arnold Schwarzenegger's appearance, says that production on The Expendables has been pushed back a month. Thus Whitaker had to pull out due to scheduling conflicts with prior engagements. Okay, I'm sorry, but if it were anyone else, and I literally mean anyone else, I would've said sure, I don't mind, it's not the most important role in the movie. But 50 Cent? I'm considering saying I might not want to see this because he's involved. Whitaker was going to play the CIA liaison Agent Will Sands in the movie, which is hopefully a very, very small role.