The Chinese government is developing a biopic about the ancient philosopher Confucious and Chow Yun-Fat has signed on to star. Variety says that Hu Mei will direct the film, which is reported to have only a $2.8 million budget, although that converts to roughly $22 million in Hong Kong dollars. Shooting will start later this month in the Hebei province. The movie will screen later this year to mark the 60th anniversary of the People's Republic of China and Confucius' 2,560th birthday. Confucious' teachings are now gaining popularity as a way of bringing morals to the country which is contending with the rise of consumerism.

Confucious was a Chinese thinker and social philosopher born in 551 BC, whose teachings and philosophy have deeply influenced life in most of Asia. He is best known in our pop culture as the philosopher behind the plentiful "Confucious say…" quotes. China's chairman Mao Zedong at one point condemned Confucius, and during the disastrous Cultural Revolution, Red Guards destroyed Confucius' family home, family grave plot and a temple in his honor in his eastern hometown of Qufu, wrecking around 6,600 priceless relics. We'll keep an eye on this project and let you know once we hear anything more or see any new photos.